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Image by Bakd&Raw by Karolin Baitinger

Chewy International


Since its establishment in 1972, Chewy International Foods Ltd. has been one of the leading and prestigious food suppliers in Hong Kong, with over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing, production, marketing, and sales of food products. Chewy build up a close relationships with supplier all over the world and continually growing product portfolio includes consumables such as rice vermicelli, noodles, rice, canned goods, udon, ramen, frozen Japanese style snacks, and black truffle sauces, all of which are distributed locally as well as internationally in countries including China, America, Canada, and Europe.

Chewy International Foods has garnered an excellent reputation in the industry and the customer portfolio including supermarkets, Chinese and Western restaurants, department stores, fast food groups, hotels , airline catering companies, canteens, schools, government organizations, and Hong Kong style tea restaurants.


In 1989, Chewy moved its factory in Hong Kong to Guangdong Province of China to cope with its aggressive growth in sales demand from Hong Kong and overseas market. In 2003, Chewy has acquired the Rice stockholder, Importer / Exporter license, and started marketing and distributing rice in Hong Kong. Chewy has invested a lot on the infrastructure like color Japanese sorter machine, polisher, stoner and auto vacuum packing machine in order to fulfill customers different needs and quality requirements. In 2018, Chewy was certified with HACCP and GMP. Nowadays, Chewy is consistently one of the top ten importers of rice in Hong Kong and major rice supplier in the industry.


Dedicated factory and logistics centre spans 130,000 square feet, including 10,000 square feet of "Approved Rice Storage Places". In 2010, Chewy installed a 10,000 square feet frozen storage warehouse. The fleet of delivery vehicles is extensive,deliveries exceed 2,000 orders and 180 tonnes of goods in everyday, making Chewy the largest food delivery operation in Hong Kong.


The supreme quality products and service of Chewy won its a number of renowned international awards, such as the Europe Award in Paris, and Superbrands in Hong Kong. Besides, Chewy has obtained the world-recognised ISO22000, HACCP and BRC accreditation, ensuring that every product manufactured by Chewy will put through a world-class quality control and safety system before it is ready to be consumed by the public. Supported by its professional team and decades of experience in food industry, Chewy will do its level best to fulfill its undertaking to provide the best quality food and service to customers.






超力自設倉庫及物流中心,佔地高達十三萬平方呎,其中自置食米公倉達一萬平方呎。 於二零一零年,更增添面積達一萬平方呎的冷凍倉庫。 配合龐大的運輸車隊,使每日送貨單量達到二千多張,處理的總物流量高達一百八十噸,是香港最大規模食品運輸車隊之一。

超力的產品及服務質素超卓,贏得不少世界級獎項,如法國的「Europe Award」及香港的「超級品牌」等。超力繼續努力不懈,成功取得了ISO22000, HACCP及BRC等多個國際品質及食品安全體系的認證,確保了其產品的質量。


Image by Bakd&Raw by Karolin Baitinger
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