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Man Kee Sauce

More than ten years ago, Man Kee Sauce Company set up a factory in Hong Kong to produce its traditional homemade sauces and has since grown into a household name of traditional sauces in Hong Kong.


Founder, Mr Wen Jianjia's entrepreneurial path has taken numerous twists and turns but is an inspiring journey towards success. As a young man, Mr Wen moved to Hong Kong alone and set up street carts selling fish balls. He used a homemade chilli oil as a dipping sauce for his fish balls. The spicy and fragrant oil became very popular with his customers who kept returning for his fish balls.


Mr Wen faced many challenges as he was operating his street cart without a license. He eventually leased a shop space to continue his snack business, and over the years, one shop grew into nine. However, because of various setbacks, including the SARS epidemic, Mr Wen’s business collapsed, and he lost all his earnings. With financial support from a friend, Mr Wen was later able to set up a sauce production factory.


Since young, Mr Wen had learned to cook his traditional homemade sauces; recipes that are more than 40 years old. He started his sauce factory with ten kinds of sauces which later grew to 14 including his famous chilli oil and cuttlefish sauce. His sauces are widely-known and supplied to many restaurants, supermarkets and grocery stores throughout Hong Kong. Mr Wen plans to promote his sauces in Southeast Asia and ultimately introduce them to international markets.








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