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Sauces and Noodles in Singapore

Amigo SG is a leading supplier of premium and quality sauces in Singapore for home and commercial cooking. You can find highly sought-after sauces and condiments here in our online shop for very affordable prices as we formed a network with the popular and all-time favourite brands of spices in Asia to bring the best all in one shop. We have a wide range of light and premium soy sauce products as well as various chilli sauces and chilli pastes from brands like Man Kee and Tai Ma. We also offer special sauces like peanut sauce, satay sauce, shrimp paste and other products that will make your cooking more convenient, practical and enjoyable. With our products that have been grazing the kitchens of many homes islandwide with their trusted taste and long shelf life, you can prepare all your family’s favourite dishes as well as start your own food business in Singapore.

    A Taste of Asian Noodles Cuisine

    The Asian region is very much popular with their cuisines that feature various types of noodles. Many countries such as China, Japan, Hongkong, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand have developed their own dishes with noodles as the main ingredient. Here in Singapore, we use noodles for various dishes including soup and stir-fry. Egg noodles are quite popular for soup which we greatly love especially during the cold nights of December to January. Meanwhile, we also have spinach noodles as another favourite. The colour itself suggests nutrition as this type of noodles is often green with flatter and wider strands. Unlike egg noodles, spinach noodles are often used for stir-fry. Whatever noodle preference you have, you can satisfy that craving with our selection of noodles and sauces in Singapore here at Amigo SG. Shop for popular Asian brands for very affordable prices and cook your favourite noodle dishes today!

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