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Happy to share some of the media coverage with our consumers.


疫情不断肆虐,许许多多的游子不能回家。我们不断听到身边的游子对于家乡的思念, 尤其是从大老远来到新加坡谋生的人。
AMIGO SG的出现让居住在这里的香港人吃到了家乡味,也让本地人吃到了不一样的味道。接近半年的准备时间,我们从一开始的茫然到如今看到香港人从我们这里找到了家的味道。我们很开心也很满足。



目前Amigo SG的香港产品,可以在官网,Shopee,Lazada和Qoo10上买到。

Amid this crisis, AMIGO SG discovers a business opportunity to import cooking sauces and handmade noodles from Hong Kong. After six months of preparation, with careful selection of products, undergoing safety checks and immigration clearance; these flavourful cooking sauces and noodles are available right here in Singapore.

Hong Kongers in Singapore can now enjoy authentic and flavourful sauces and homemade noodles just clicks away from various online shopping platforms like Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10.  

In a recent interview with Mediacorp Channel 8, Singapore, AMIGO SG share about finding opportunity amid COVID-19 uncertainty and delighting Hong Kongers in Singapore with Hong Kong products.

*Video By MediaCorp

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